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The WARTIME Fallen from Marlborough, NY

We remember these wartime service members from Marlborough who died in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Thanks to Tom Schroeder, Town Historian and Commander of American Legion Viebey-Sutton Post #124, for helping us find this information.

Civil War
  • John H. Crosbary, enlisted 1862, 20th regiment, Co. A, died in service

  • George W. Detmar, enlisted August 30, 1862, died Andersonville

  • George G. Fowler, enlisted August 18, 1862, 156th regiment, Co. A, died in service

  • Luther P. Hait, enlisted August 6, 1861, 1st Cav, Co. H, died Andersonville, August 10, 1864

  • Edward H. Ketcham, Lieutenant, enlisted August 26, 1862, 120th regiment, Co. A, killed Gettysburg July 2, 1863

  • John T. Ketcham, Lieutenant, enlisted Feb 4, 1863, 4th regiment, died Libbey Prison, October 8, 1863

  • George Miller, enlisted February 23, 1864, 20th regiment, Co. G, died in service

  • John McCarty, enlisted May 5, 1862, 1st regiment, died of wounds

  • John H. Mackey, enlisted August 12, 1862, 120 regiment, Co. A, died in service

  • Steven J. Power, enlisted August 15, 1862, 6th regiment, Co. I, died in service

  • Charles H. Free, enlisted August 15, 1862, 6th regiment, Co. I, died of wounds received at Cedarville

  • Peter Terwilliger, enlisted August 22, 1862, 156 regiment, Co. G, died in service July 30, 1863

  • Nehemiah Halloc Mann, Capt, enlisted April 2, 1863, 4th NY Cavalry Co. M, died at Cedarville August 18, 1864

  • Ralph Freer

  • Batista Visconti, died Camp Croft, South Carolina

  • George Burrows

  • Charles W. Viebey


  • Charles Goulding, plane shot down in Palau

  • Sidney Taber, killed in the Philippines

  • DeWitt Scott

  • Frank Grakus, killed in Italy

  • Ralph Macord, killed in training accident

  • Minton B. Mattice, killed in Italy while serving in Fifth Army

  • Orlando Palopoli, died leading a Marines platoon charge on Tarawa beachhead

  • Thomas C. Prizzia, plane carried him down into China Sea)

  • James D. Scott, died in the Philippines

  • Myron Sutton, died 1945 in Germany)

  • Augustine Turturro, captured in surrender of Corregidor on Manilla Bay, May 2, 1942, and died of neglect in Japanese prison camp

  • James Yeaple, of Fourth Marines killed on Tinian island


  • George Chando, Jr.

  • Edward J. Eckert, Jr.

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