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HOW To Help

YOU CAN HELP MDC-NY HELP YOU! There are easy ways to support our mission and join us in the fight for democracy and our work to better our community.

1 / Give Us Some Time


  • Help us text, call, or visit neighbors and remind them to get out and vote.

  • Attend a monthly member meeting on the first Thursday at 7 pm.

  • Write letters to U.S. voters reminding them to exercise their right to vote.

WE KNOW HOW HARD IT CAN BE TO FIND TIME IN OUR BUSY LIVES. If you can't help us in person, donate to help. As little as $5 covers stamps for about 12 postcards to get important information about elections and events to Marlborough voters. $10 covers our website subscription for a month. $20 buys us 250 invitation envelopes for our event mailings.

3 / Help Us Spread the Word

MDC NEEDS ACTIVE MEMBERS! Let your friends and loved ones know what we're up to, and help us get more people involved.

  • Share our website with fellow Marlborough registered Democrats.

  • Ask folks new to town if they're Dems and registered to vote here. We have voting resources that include how to register. 

  • Bring someone with you when you attend our meetings, events, or volunteer.

  • Help seniors get to the polls or request absentee ballots.

  • Follow us on social media, and then like, share, and post.

  • Subscribe to our email list, then forward our messages to contacts and encourage them to sign up, too.

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