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Candidate for Marlborough Town Board


Maribeth Wooldridge-King

Maribeth Wooldridge-King
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Meet Maribeth…….

You might say it’s been a long and winding path that brought Maribeth to our town of Marlborough, but in reality she’s right where she needs to be - and we all are and will continue to be all the better for it!  


Planning our Future
Preserving our Past

As a professional registered nurse with 46 years experience, Maribeth is committed to our community’s health and wellness - the people, environment and infrastructure.  Her approach is cost conscious, realistic, and designed to benefit the many.  Her priorities are determined by listening to constituents as our community moves forward to build a sustainable future while preserving our past.


Maribeth will…….
  • Listen, learn and be accessible by hosting quarterly informal “meet and greets”

  • Set priorities based upon the expressed needs of our citizens by establishing short and long term strategic goals with review/revision quarterly on a quarterly basis

  • Collaborate with county legislators to expand existing county services to our to our community, particularly services related to seniors, those in need of mental health support, those experiencing domestic violence, and those challenged with substance abuse issues

  • Foster a collaborative relationship between the Town Board and Planning Board by joint development of short and long term strategic goals with quarterly review/revision

  • Promote, integrate and support agritourism in Marlborough related endeavors 

  • Promote, support and incorporate environmentally friendly approaches and recycling in small and large scale projects/plans by promoting and supporting the Conservation Advisory Committee's goal to become a Climate Smart Community 

  • Foster community engagement with targeted outreach to current and new residents by publicizing opportunities for participation 

  • Wife, mother, sister, nurse, leader, advocate

  • Married to Dan King for 42 years 

  • Four children, Kyle, Ryan, Colleen and Tom

  • Graduate of the University of Michigan (BSN magna cum laude, 1975)

  • Graduate of Boston University, (MS magna cum laude, 1978)

  • Registered professional nurse for 46 years

  • Certified Adult Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist for 12 years

  • Nurse Administrator, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 32 years

  • Accomplished lecturer, published writer, and editor

  • Retired November 2020

  • Vice-President, Board of Trustees, Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library

  • Co-Chair Capital Campaign, “Brick Fundraiser”, Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library

  • Town of Marlborough, Conservation Advisory Committee, member

  • Recording Secretary, Marlborough Democratic Committee

  • Recording Secretary, Executive Committee, Vassar College Lifelong Learning Institute



About Maribeth………

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Maribeth and her educator husband, Dan moved east to Brooklyn, NY with their first child, Kyle, in the mid-1980’s. Dan and Maribeth went on to have three more children, Ryan, Colleen, and Tom, and eventually moved north to Highland Mills, NY in the late 80’s. She worked as the night nursing supervisor/hospital administrator for 23 years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In 2011 she moved to the outpatient department at their 53rd St location. In 2013 she assumed responsibility for the Westchester portfolio which included the Sleepy Hollow and the newly opened West Harrison locations as well as the contracted services at the Westchester Medical Center. During these years, in addition to her nursing career, Maribeth was devoted to her family. She understands very well the challenges of being a full time working wife and mother. As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran, she was supportive and proud when one of her sons chose to join the Army Reserve, serving two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Kenya. As her children grew and changed, so too had the once small town where she and Dan had raised their family. In the 1980’s, when they had moved to the Highland Mills area, Monroe-Woodbury offered an excellent school system, affordable house and a reasonable commute into New York City, lots of open space and plenty of fresh air. There were literally no traffic signals on Route 32 or really in the town itself. It was a great place to raise a family. By the time Maraibeth and Dan moved away some 32 years later, the area had become a traffic nightmare, no farmland, expensive housing, and higher taxes to support new schools, an expanded police force, etc. Despite the growth in businesses and housing, taxes never went down and the quality of life improvements were questionable at best. Maribeth and Dan moved to Marlborough in 2020 seeking that same rural environment with accessibility to a city and with a good school system. Becoming knowledgeable and involved in the town was a challenge during Covid. Maribeth attended the Town Board meetings remotely and eventually in person. She became an active member of the Marlborough Democratic Committee, elected to the position of Recording Secretary in 2022. She accepted an appointment as a Trustee, Board of the Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library in 2021; Vice-President in 2023. She is the Co-Chair of their capital campaign “Brick Fundraiser”, project manager for the current renovation project. This year Dan and Maribeth are donating a three bay garage and a portion of the land adjacent to the Sands Avenue park to the town. Having experienced how hasty and haphazard growth can decimate an area, Maribeth is rightfully concerned for the future of Marlborough. She has the skill set, negotiating acumen, and the energy needed to preserve our identity as we prepare for the future, with a plan for calculated growth and development that benefits all members of our community. Maribeth is committed to preserving our legacy while planning for our prosperous future.

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